HOUSE REPAIRS 101 (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back as we continue our series on HOUSE REPAIRS 101. Knowing that home repair emergencies can occur at any time, we hope our tips will help you handle them, just in case these annoying house calamities arise!

Unclog a Toilet

Let’s face it, everybody hates this task! A flange plunger, which has a cone extending from the bottom of the bell, is recommended. It creates adequate suction to clear a clog by creating a better seal in the toilet than a cup plunger.

With rubber gloves on, and if it is necessary, bail out the toilet bowl until it is half full. Then position the plunger over the drain hole, pumping up and down a few times to get the air out, creating a vacuum seal.

Once you feel resistance, which indicates the seal is good, pump in rapid quick strokes 4 or 5 times, being careful not to break the seal. If you’re lucky, the clog will clear. If not, repeat the process. For those really tough clogs, it may be necessary to call a licensed plumber.

Reset the Electrical Power

When the power goes out in a part of your home, it most likely means a circuit breaker has tripped. Usually, this is caused by an overload, meaning too many electrical devices are attempting to draw power from one circuit. Circuit breakers are switches that “trip or switch off” when there’s a problem with a circuit. Resetting one isn’t rocket science, but there is a little trick to it. You’ll need to flip the switch all the way OFF and then you can turn it back ON.

On occasion, a circuit may switch off because a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) has tripped on a receptacle. You can fix that by pushing the reset button on the receptacle. GFCI receptacles are usually found near water, such as in bathrooms and kitchens.

Keep in mind that if a circuit breaker continues to trip even though you have reduced the electrical load, you have a bigger problem and a potential safety hazard. We recommend you call a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

Check out our Trusted Vendors List for contact info for local Hernando County vendors if you need assistance with any repairs.

We hope you found our blog post interesting, helpful and informative.

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