HOUSE REPAIRS 101 – Part 3/8

HOUSE REPAIRS 101 – Restart a Garbage Disposal
(Part 3/8)

Welcome back as we continue with the 3rd segment of our HOUSE REPAIRS 101 Series… Have you ever had YOUR garbage disposal freeze-up on you? Check out our post below in case this happens to you…

When disposal blades jam, a little force may be necessary to dislodge them. Most units have a hole on the underside of the disposal that an Allen wrench fits into. Check underneath the unit to see if an Allen wrench is attached. If not, you can buy a set of Allen wrenches fairly inexpensively.

Unplug the disposal and turn off the power at the electrical panel. Be certain you have done so. Then, insert the Allen wrench into the hole and work it back and forth until the blades are freed up.

Knowing that you have turned the power off to the unit, remove any debris from the disposal. Press the reset button which is usually on the bottom of the unit near the point where the electrical cord enters the disposal and then turn the power back on.

We all know that most homes don’t come with instruction manuals. Without a doubt, little emergencies are bound to happen with home-ownership and NEW homeowners, especially, may not be equipped to deal with them…

Please review our list of BLOG posts that address some typical tasks that all homeowners should learn to handle. It surely does not cover everything you will need to know about your house BUT it’s a great place to start…

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We hope you found the 3rd of 8 segments regarding HOUSE REPAIRS 101 informative and interesting… Watch for our next BLOG POST in 2 weeks covering “Reset the Electrical Power”.

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Until then… it’s all about YOU!
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