FURRY FRIENDS SAFETY TIPS … In and Around the Home! Part 3

Welcome back to our series on Safety Tips for our 4-Legged Furry Friends. From the great outdoors to the kitchen, bedroom and everywhere in between, we all know that hazards lurk around every corner for Fido and Tiger. Check out some more of our safety tips to help keep those emergency trips to the Vet at a minimum!

Hazards in the Living Room, Home Office and Bedroom

  • While they may smell good, many liquid potpourri products contain ingredients that can cause oral ulcerations and other problems, so keep them out of the reach of your 4-Legged Furry Friends.
  • A fireplace is a danger area as pets can be harmed by flames and flying ashes. A simple screen is probably all that’s needed to protect your Furry Friend. Another over-looked danger is a fire-starter stick. Being somewhat sweet, some dogs cannot resist eating them.
  • Wires and cords can also be a problem. Obviously, chewing on a plugged-in cord can electrocute a pet. Tucking cords away or covering them with power strip covers is beneficial to your pet and will also make the room look neater.
  • Put away children’s toys and games, especially those with small pieces.
  • Put away all sewing and craft notions, especially needles, pins and thread.
  • As a general precaution, put anything that is a chewing or choking hazard totally out of reach.
  • Tobacco products and pennies (those minted after 1982 contain zinc) and alkaline batteries (like those in your remote controls) can be hazardous when ingested.
  • Keep all medications, lotions or cosmetics off accessible surfaces, like a nightstand.
  • Especially with puppies, shoes are a favorite “chew toy” and an obvious danger. Drawing strings, shoes laces and buttons can cause major risks if swallowed.
  • Common sense also prevails regarding jewelry, hair clips, rubber bands and any other small items.
  • Baby gates and appropriately-sized crates work well in keeping our 4-Legged Friends confined to safe areas, when needed.
  • Be careful that you don’t close your dresser drawers or closet doors without checking first for a soundfully-sleeping Fido or Tiger!!
  • Just ONE mothball has the potential to sicken a dog or cat. Mothballs that contain naphthalene can cause serious illness, including digestive tract irritation, liver, kidney and blood cell damage. Other life-threatening issues include swelling of the brain tissues, seizures, coma, respiratory tract damage (if inhaled) and even death (if digested).


Don’t wait! Call your Vet or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435. Time is critical for successfully treating accidental poisoning. Be prepared to state your dog or cat’s breed, age, weight and any symptoms. Have the product container or plant sample nearby to assist with identification so the appropriate treatment recommendations can be made.

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