Investment Homes

Investment Homes

Buy A “Wealth-Creating” Investment Property With Our Experienced TEAM

THE Gail Spada TEAM recognizes that real estate is cyclical in nature. With that knowledge, Gail expanded her market reach to include the “investment side” of single family residential real estate. Understanding that our Hernando County economic environment is somewhat challenged on many levels, the TEAM also realizes that such a scenario may open up opportunities on other levels, namely “residential income-producing properties”. In 2013, she obtained the OICP (OwnAmerica Investment Certified Professional) certification which focuses on understanding real estate principles for building “long-term wealth” using real estate investments as “long-term assets”. Request FREE No-Hassle Info from THE Gail Spada TEAM to build your single family residential real estate investment portfolio TODAY! … it’s all about YOU!

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Why It’s A Great Time To Invest In Hernando County Florida

When considering investing in single family residences, two well-known strategies to accomplish this are “Buy and Hold” or “Flipping”. Each has its own pros and cons. However, the OICP certification weighs heavily on the “Buy and Hold” strategy, especially in our current economic environment. Below are some of the significant reasons for purchasing single family residences as incoming-producing properties as “wealth-creating vehicles”:
  • High foreclosure rates mean that many people have lost their home but still need a place to live, typically in the same general area. Their poor credit makes them unable to purchase another home, so many will turn to renting.
  • When deciding which investment property to buy and how YOU will manage that “long-term asset, YOU are in direct control, unlike investing in the stock market.
  • As you build your investment portfolio, and, as you use your rental income to pay down your debt on the properties, your “long-term wealth” increases over time.
  • The current economic climate is one that offers many challenges but, for the disciplined investor, buying real estate is a very skillful way to build and protect your long-term net worth and increase your equity growth.

Why Invest In Real Estate With THE Gail Spada TEAM

Invest in Hernando County real estate with THE Gail Spada TEAM.