8 Outrageously Bad Home Staging Decisions – Part 4

Explore 8 Outrageously Bad Home Staging Decisions That Sellers Make – Part 4 of 4

Welcome back to the 4th and final segment of our series, 8 Outrageously Bad Home-Staging Decisions That Sellers Make!

Explore our last 2 “biggest staging sins” that sellers can make and some common-sense advice to help avoid these pitfalls before it costs them a sale.

#7 – Failing to Stage for all the Senses

A house that smells like pet pandemonium or nasty nicotine will be a tough house to sell, no matter how beautifully it is staged. According to research completed by Eric R. Spangenberg, a professor specializing in environmental psychology, his study shows that a wrong smell or wrong type/volume of music can actually distract one’s ability to make decisions. Throughout the course of the purchase of a home, buyers deal with a lot of decision-making. Let’s face it … A 30-year mortgage is a BIG decision.

Unfortunately, home-owners can easily get so accustomed to the smells and sounds they live with on a daily basis and may become totally unaware of them and their negative impact. However, uber-critical buyers will identify them the second they walk in the front door. Be mindful of possible auditory and olfactory overloads by reviewing the tips below that are based on Spangenberg’s research.

Amazingly Good Home-Staging Strategy
  • Keep it pleasant – It should allow possible buyers to focus on deciding whether to buy the home, not trying to identify a powerful scent or obnoxious odor. The same holds true for background music.
  • Keep it simple – A simple citrus scent has proven and effective results regarding influencing shopping behavior.
  • Keep it consistent – Make sure a scent fits its surroundings and is consistent with the season.
#8 – Doing Nothing!

Without a doubt, the MOST outrageously bad of ALL staging decisions is for a home-owner to completely dismiss staging the home, in any manner. Unfortunately, this is how lovely homes that offer huge potential can wind up selling at a discounted price over relatively easy cosmetic fixes. This is an avoidable blunder in cases where home-owners could have easily completed basic tasks and been able to put more money in their pocket at closing.

Amazingly Good Home-Staging Strategy
  • Move it.
  • Plant it.
  • Paint it.
  • Organize it.
  • Hide it.
  • Replace it.
  • Light it.
  • Clean it.
  • SELL IT!

We hope you found the entire series, 8 Outrageously Bad Home-Staging Decisions That Sellers Make, to be informative and interesting… Watch for our next BLOG POST on August 27th.

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Until then… it’s all about YOU!
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